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JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table with Net Set

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Manufacturer JOOLA
Brand Joola
Color Blue/Black/White
Model 11200
UPC 702331136105
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23 Jul 2017

Pool Table Light And Quality Time With Loved Ones

Playing pool with people close to the heart can be very pleasant and intimately rewarding.

7 Jul 2017

5 Tips when Looking at Foosball Tables

With the World Cup finishing up last month, it has brought the game of football (or American soccer) to the attention of many around the world, including many in the US who normally do not give any thought to the game of soccer.

1 Aug 2017

Pool Table Buying Guide

Pool Billiards, also known as pool, is a popular game around the world. Are you a pool enthusiast? Do you want to invest in a new pool table? Then our buying guide will help you select from the wide varieties of tables available in the market.

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    24 Jul 2017 Posted By Suzanne L.

    The Development Of The Pool Table Through The Years

    The interesting history of the pool table as a recreational tool and a way to engage in no small amount of gambling activities is well-known through the years. Known more formally as a billiards table, it is a surface upon which many billiards-type games are played.

  • Blog Entry
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    9 Jul 2017 Posted By Lillian M.

    The Game Of Snooker

    Snooker is a cue-sport that is played on baize-covered table with six holes - one in each of the four corners and one on either side of the table, placed directly in the middle of the side cushion. A full-sized regulation Snooker tables dimensions are twelve foot by six foot.

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