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9 Jul 2017

The Game Of Snooker


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Posted By Lillian M.

Snooker is a cue-sport that is played on baize-covered table with six holes - one in each of the four corners and one on either side of the table, placed directly in the middle of the side cushion. A full-sized regulation Snooker tables dimensions are twelve foot by six foot.

Regulation snooker tables come in various styles and dimensions because many players do not have the space for the large regulation-sized snooker tables. Many of these smaller snooker tables come in styles that are more manageable than the regulation sized tables, such as folding snooker tables or snooker tables that convert into dining tables.

Colored balls are worth different amount of points depending on their color. Black balls, for instance, are worth the most, which is seven points. Pink is the second highest rated ball at six points, followed by blue for five points, green for three points, and yellow for two points. Hitting the white ball into the pocket is a 'foul', and will lose the offending player their turn.

Snooker is played on a snooker table, which is similar to a billiards table because it has six pockets in the same placement as a pool table - one in the center of either side cushion and on in each corner of the table. A regulation snooker table, however, is twelve by six foot, which is much larger than the regulated nine foot by four and a half feet for a billiards table.

When somebody refers to a "break" in snooker, they are speaking of the amount of points one gains during one consecutive turn. For example, a break of ten may include potting a yellow ball, a green ball, and a blue ball. A '147' break, also known as a maximum break, is when a player pots all the red balls with black ball and proceeds to pot every colored ball remaining on the table, which would give the player the maximum amount of points possible - or 147 points.

A regulated twelve by six foot table is required for professional matches. During these matches players will be expected to play by the 'Best of Nine' rules, which means that the player must win five frames. Even longer matches are played during World Championships, some of which have to be played over the course of two days. They matches often have best of eighteen or nineteen in qualifying rounds, while some matches may last up to thirty-five frames.

A common term used while playing snooker is a break, which refers to the number of points a player as gained during one consecutive play at a table - not including fouls. A "maximum" or "147" break is when a player pots all reds with blacks and then pockets every colored ball on the table, in which the player would earn 147 total points, or the maximum amount of points possible.


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